7 Reasons The DNC Should Focus On Recruiting Women Candidates in 2018

Ladies first means lady candidates for elected office running on lady issues. #ladiesfirst2018

Here are 7 reasons why:

  1. It’s about damn time

  2. Women’s march was historic and has kicked off a new progressive movement

    • Progressive demonstration has continued almost daily since, including major opposition to the unconstitutional “travel ban”
    • It illustrated that the public will throw themselves behind women’s issues when given the opportunity to be clear in their support
  3. Provides the Democratic Party with a clear distinguishing feature

    • Something other than the true but facile “Republicans are the absolute worst and we aren’t them”
      • This proved an unsuccessful message in the 2016 presidential election (which is possibly the best test of that strategy we’ll ever see)
    • Something that will get out the vote
      • The start of the Trump-era resistance was a historically enormous gathering in support of women and their rights
  4. A representative government ought to be representative of the population

    • Yes, whether the representative government represents the reproductive biology of his or her constituency is a personal preference and, in this regard, rounding to the nearest gender is like rounding to ten from five but so what – it’s been out of balance for all of written history
    • So yeah, this is totally my preference and I suspect I’m in good company
    • And so, since the electorate is majority female, our representation in government ought to be as well
  5. Women as are the largest suppressed/oppressed/exploited population segment nationally and worldwide

    • Address the injustices in the experience of the American Woman and you address the injustices of intersecting groups defined by economics, skin color, and sexual preference and others
  6. Women are already more consistently aligned with Democrats while men are more predictably aligned with Republicans

    • Does the so-called “women vote” as a bloc determine election outcomes? Sometimes ( <–This source is from 1996. Do any of you have new data?)
    • The fact is, women are the base and should be accommodated responsibly
    • No need to reinvent the party, just heighten the existing contrast
  7. Some Republican voter suppression laws target women

    • Empower this group to fight back