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Hand-cranked Video Player

Vine (and Instagram Video, fwiw) allow everyday folk with smartphones to make video without the pressure of delivering more than a few seconds. It's engaging, it's easy, and you can always watch them on mute (I do)....
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Vine: the realtime film festival for digital characters

It's hard to imagine something that more precisely encapsulates my digital passions than Vine, Twitter's new 6-second looping-video social network. If you have a smart phone with decent memory, I recommend you download and install it right away (and follow me, @eestonikas!). It's digital cinema meets social media, with all of the democratized artistic and Continue Reading...
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Training for Community Organizers: Video Edit for Community Renewal Society

The folks at Community Renewal Society in Chicago have an effective training program for community organizing. Using footage and photos provided by CRS, I’ve edited together a promotional video in three parts.. and become very intent on taking the training! One testimonial: “While I know some of the principles of organizing, this has given me Continue Reading...
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