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Hand-cranked Video Player

Vine (and Instagram Video, fwiw) allow everyday folk with smartphones to make video without the pressure of delivering more than a few seconds. It's engaging, it's easy, and you can always watch them on mute (I do)....
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Vine: the realtime film festival for digital characters

It's hard to imagine something that more precisely encapsulates my digital passions than Vine, Twitter's new 6-second looping-video social network. If you have a smart phone with decent memory, I recommend you download and install it right away (and follow me, @eestonikas!). It's digital cinema meets social media, with all of the democratized artistic and Continue Reading...
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Responsive design is no longer optional (which is good news)

There are a lot of considerations and priorities that need balancing when honing your digital character. Too often, the "special consideration" is a compensation for unfortunate technological limitations, usually browser-based (i.e. IE).   For a brief transitional period, one special consideration was whether you would optimize for mobile in addition to your "desktop" site. At Continue Reading...
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A recent write-up from a colleague of mine: …Erik wasn’t always the awesomepreneur that he is today… His road was not simply less traveled–he paved it himself, machete in hand. Frankly, the world needs a lot more of his write-your-own-rules attitude. Read the whole interview here....
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Internet Error 451 to Honor Ray Bradbury

When a user is denied access to a website for legal/censorship reasons, this member of the Internet Engineering Task Force, and Bradbury fan, proposes the user be given the status code “451,” in honor of Bradbury’s famous novel Fahrenheit 451....
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