About Me

Erik Stonikas

Enhance Your Digital Character

I’m always enthusiastic to learn about a new client and help them graduate their online presence, or as I like to call it, their “Digital Character.” As your digital character develops in the marketplace, I will act as project manager, graphic designer, programmer, and marketing specialist, with the attitude that I am a partner for your business.

What works for you, works for me. By collaborating with a variety of clients, each with unique goals and needs, I’ve had the opportunity to develop an extensive menu of skills.

I suggest we start with some brainstorming about your current character, it’s reach, and where you would like it to grow. Once we articulate the needs of your organization, I’ll make an official recommendation/proposal. To my clients, non-profit, artist, or otherwise, their website and online presence is about more than earning money – it’s their passion. Consequently, I give their businesses the kind of careful attention they merit. Impressive results, with competitive rates, are guaranteed.

My Video Reel:

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My Family:

The Way I See It

  • Digital Community
    Our activity on the internet is not a virtual life, it is part of our actual lives.
  • Digital Character
    Like any community, your character online is defined by your contribution.
  • Be the change..
    So, what do you want to see more of in the world/on the internet? Do that.

Work History


My Clients Say


My Skills

  • Video
    The fastest way to shape perceptions and send a message.
  • Websites
    Everyone needs one. But how can you know it’s helping you and your business?
  • Social Media
    How will you engage the digital community?
  • Consulting
    Have the manpower but need a plan? No problem.