Big day

A basic rundown for posterity:

  • Beer dreams
  • Accion member lenders are unifying online
    • We now have our hands on great organizational content outlining our mission, history, and impact
    • I’ve composed a detailed requirements document for a full refresh of Accion’s site
      • This will improve the experience for clients and partners/funders alike
      • We will have more flexibility for campaigns and iterative site improvements
    • Next phases:
      • Contract an agency for a Look and Feel Guide along with Wireframes for each necessary component
      • Contract a designer to combine the Guide and the Wireframes into mockups
      • Contract a developer to make the designs interactive on the web
      • Looking to have this thing launched in the Spring
  • Making the BBoR matter
    • The what? Small Business Borrowers’ Bill of Rights
    • Composed by the Responsible Business Lending Coalition
      • of which Accion is a member
    • I’ll be helping them shape discrete experiences for borrowers and potential signatories


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